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Smart Control Unit (SCU)

It is made up of the following components:

  • Autopilot: steers, navigates and controls the aircraft automatically. This module uses a smart robotic system, allowing control of complex craft, (vertical take-off and landing). The control system uses a technology based on neural network allowing real time adaption to changes in flight dynamics (lifting and releasing loads) as well as damage to or faults in the aircraft.
  • On- board Computer: controls and manages navigation and payload sensors and processes data and images. An embedded industrial type computer, with can be programmed using low level language and its configuration can be easily adapted to the specific needs of any mission.
  • The capacity of this module can be increased easily, both in processing capacity and connectivity to a wide range of sensors by means of different communication ports (RS-232, RS-485, CAN, USB, IP, Wi-Fi).
  • Communication System: dual satellite and UHF, point to point and network for the transmission of data, images and video in real time to ground control station or any other destination world-wide.
  • PowerBox Unit: manages redundancy, monitoring and protection against electrical faults

This Automation Unit can be used as:

  • A Smart Control Kit for unmanned craft and
  • A Conversion Kit to convert conventional manned aircraft to dual control manned- unmanned.